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For some time I’ve been searching for a suitable website format to present the work I’ve done over the years on issues affecting the well-being and health of Deep Creek Lake, MD. I’m not a web designer, so I’ve been looking at simple ways, like a blog format, to update the website with new and old articles. So I’ve been looking for a nice-looking, simple blog template.

Wordpress has a lot of templates, both free and at moderate costs. But that means I have to learn Wordpress and the intricate variables that one needs to use to tweak a template. Most templates are designed for people that make websites on a regular basis, which I don’t. I looked at hundreds of templates, but none that I thought would do the job without a lot of work.

Then I came across Jekyll, back in 2015, a way to make fast loading static websites..
I liked that approach because it’s ‘hands-on.’ Unfortunately, the available templates are generally of poor quality, at least to me, and did not do what I wanted to do which is basically a simple ordering of my articles and associated keywords by date and from which I could generate a list of articles by keyword, and with a nice look-and-feel.

I kind of liked Jekyll because I could understand how things got done, but again, I’m not a web designer, and so I’m looking for a template. I’m a numbers guy and an adapter of technologies. I can implement stuff by making relatively small changes to html, css, php and JavaScript. I recently came across an article that stated that Jekyll was still used extensively for the preparation of static websites, static in the sense that one does not need a database to search through. This is one of my constraints, namely, that I don’t need a database. I decided to give it another try, the third time in the last two years. I went looking for a template again, and voila, here is one of the most eloquently designed blog templates I’ve ever come across, Carte Noir, the one you’re looking at., at least from my perspective.

I commended the author of this template, Jacob Tomlinson, for an excellent product. It was easily seen from the code that there was a lot of attention put in to the details. One can find Carte Noir here.

I made a few changes to the template to suit my particular desires and needs. I made the text a bit smaller, took out the social media stuff, at least for now, made an “About” page and added a bunch of posts. The post “Weather Forecasts” demonstrates most of the features I wanted to use.

So here we go, as of today (12/22/2017), my website is transformed into the new format. Checkout the blog post (“Weather Forecasts”) of November 20, 2017, to see a demonstration of the wide range of capabilities.

I hope you like it. An email with comments is always appreciated.

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